While I watched my good lady piling on the slap ready for our night on the town I noticed a couple of cosmetic labels, and being a writer I  poked about in her bathroom cabinet. Every shampoo, gel, cream, or lotion (mostly nicked from hotels of renown), contained something organic and edible.

Our bodies ought to be downright tasty; they are smothered in herbs, olives, milk, honey, beer, egg, cucumber and coconut to name but some of the picnic hamper goodies that makers have stirred into their products.

BUT, does it do more good lathered over the outside of your neck rather than stuffed down the inside? I seriously doubt it.

I've long doubted advertisers’ claims.

I was told in my youth to ‘Drink a Pinta Milka Day’, ‘Go to work on an Egg’, drink dark booze that, ‘Looks Good, Tastes Good, and by Golly, it Does you Good’ only to find out later about the dangers of excess cholesterol and alcohol.

What has that got to do with writing you might well be asking.

Don’t necessarily believe what you read.

Most of what is offered is researched and tested, probably really good stuff, but you have to check it out and see if it’s good FOR WHAT YOU WANT.

The same applies to all the advice, hints, tips, rules, and regulations freely offered by anyone who can string two sentences together. (Competently or otherwise).

Lots of it is sensible and will improve your writing, but don’t believe it all. Once you’re solidly grounded in the basics – RUN FREE. TELL IT IN YOUR OWN VOICE.

               If splitting infinitives feels right for the story-
                   THEN IT’S O.K. “TO BOLDLY GO”

                        If a couple of adverbs adds emotion or puts you right there –
                              LEAVE THEM IN

                                  If ‘telling it’ for one section works better than ‘showing it’ –
                                            TELL IT

If your chosen shampoo leaves your hair cleaner, silkier, easy to manage, and just plain smarter, then it doesn’t matter that it hasn’t got the accepted ingredient of the moment. IT’S PERFECT FOR YOU.

Same with your writing –
If your reader must see what happens next, then you’re putting the right stuff in for them.