Appearances Back Cover

Her new mobile phone, an excavated cellar, and unearthed babies' bones, are the elements that conjure the appearance, from the 1850s, of Handy Tanner.

Handy's touch flashes them to Victorian Portsmouth where the unscrupulous baby-farmer Ma Chalmers, and the corrupt Redvers Hunkin, spread despair and misery.

Kelly's trips are short-lived and full of danger as she uses her invisiblilty to help Handy.

Back in the modern world she has problems of her own. A sleazy pair of foreigners show interest in her young sister, Amy, as well as Sweep, the guesthouse owner's powerboat.

Their murderous plot is foiled by Kelly and the time-travelling, and unseen, Handy.

This tale of unpredictable time-switching, corruption and betrayal provides an adventure where APPEARANCES are unreliable.