On this topic I'm an idiot. I'm not interested in selling my books!

Maybe I should clarify that.

I would love hordes of readers and millions of sales but I'm not a bookshop owner, marketing executive, sales person or car boot trader. I have no interest in the mechanics of selling. I'm a writer – I write.


I have an MBA so I understand the business of business, I merely want no active part in it.

Modern writers are continually being told that times have changed and they must take the forefront when it comes to putting their work out there.

They should contact the Press and local radio stations, do readings, organize book signings, tweet like mad things, join Facebook, write a daily blog, have a website, make a video trailer, promote, promote, promote.

Some writers love this side of things and leap into the commercial pool and enjoy splashing about. They deserve as much fun as they can get; writing is a solitary business. Social media for them is a boon and a chance to advertise their product. They blog tour, have free days on KDP, chat on Goodreads, Like and reTweet fellow writers' work and expect reciprocity. They have an abundance of energy and tens of thousands of 'friends'.


I have tried to jump aboard and enjoy the merry-go-round but my heart is not in it. I have seen what expert promoters can achieve but my sales reflect my lack of application to marketing.

In the past it was true that a well-written book eventually got picked up by an agent and publisher and sold decently. This is no longer the case because there are just so many books out there. Most have to go the Indie route, but without a sales campaign there is little chance of catching the eye. Even second-rate books and films become massive best sellers when they have huge advertising budgets to give them visibility.

If you are a celebrity or renowned in another discipline you will be off to a flying start even if you need a ghost writer to assemble the words. I understand the attraction but I'm no Olympic gold medal winner or reality TV star, I'm a writer not a 'personality' or a sales rep.

I'm sorry not to be reaching a huge audience (or even a moderate one) but my working day, and my creative energy, are focused on writing. The remainder of the time, during which I might flog my work round the bazaars, I prefer to devote to golf.


I leave Sales and Marketing matters  in the laps of the writing Gods.

I am a writer so I am happy to starve in a garret with no complaint.