I sometimes watch CNN logo


My excuse is that it gives a broader world perspective than the German news channels who mostly concentrate on domestic news.

I'm not a great fan of  CNN because there's always as much advertising as there is news.

Suffering the same adverts eight times an hour is head-bangingly tedious.

I realise the advertiser's point is not to entertain and inform but make sure their brand is embedded in the grey matter so that the viewers will grab a familiar product from supermarket shelves,




I now hold a deep apathy for...well I won't mention the half a dozen names that spool endlessly during the CNN channel breaks, but I purposely avoid buying their stuff.

So far so bad. But CNN also spends a lot of time advertising their own programmes including the one the adverts are interrupting.

They want me to watch the channel I'm already watching!

Enough is enough, I turn the sound down and read while the adverts are on.

And this is what I do now on twitter logo to those who continually repeat the mindlessly boring Tweets for their book.

One advert a day, no problem, or even several a day if they've got catchy, DIFFERENT, copy but a repetition of the same plea and graphic sends me into negative mode.

I wouldn't pick up their work even if it's free. I recognise their avatar and don't even read their other Tweets.

If the writer's imagination doesn't allow neat variations on 140 characters then maybe their novel is equally uninspiring. I don't intend to find out.

If my straw poll of friends is indicative then I'm not in the minority in this.

Over-Tweeting your novel is counter productive. Don't do it.

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